Who is this One Gazing into the Quantum Mirror?

On Your Response Rests a World of Peace or Conflict

Consciousness and the Quantum MirrorWhat do you see today when you look in a mirror? And what do you see when you look out upon your world, which really is just another form of mirror? Most importantly, are you willing to be vigilant, present and aware enough to see and experience this fundamental reflective nature of the universe?

Consciousness, true Consciousness – also being pure, natural Awareness, Presence, the Spirit of Life, God, Truth, Unity, Love… divine Communication – is a limitless, ever-present flow or field of thought energy, containing all thought forms and all thought potential. “True” is used here and italicized to differentiate authentic, unified Consciousness from what most human beings generally and loosely label as consciousness. What most of us imagine as ‘being conscious,’ or alert, or aware – the roughly two-thirds of our lives we spend ‘awake’ – is not unified Consciousness, but an ego-altered version of it; an ego-mimicked or ego-occupied form of Consciousness.

Unlike true Consciousness, the ego form is loveless. Consciousness is only Love – meaning It only expresses and extends or communicates Love freely, without condition or exception and without reserve. At its best, the ego version imagines being capable of love sometimes, and even then, it’s only of a ‘special kind’ of love – special love – one commonly reserved and given out only to some, but withheld from others.

The ego, unique to human beings, is an interceder and a copycat. It boils down to being a rogue thought system rooted in a mistaken, misguided thought of separation, ‘powered’ from deep down in an ‘un’-conscious realm of the mind. Very much like a computer virus but for the mind, the ego hijacks and uses the creative faculties of mind against itself. It imagines and manifests a gap in the mind between itself and the rest of creation (and between unconsciousness and consciousness); ultimately between itself and the Mind of God. It separates itself and then inserts itself in the imagined mental gap it has conjured up in-between what is limitless, eternal Spirit and what is still and always limitless, eternal Spirit. Thus, it becomes like a block, albeit an imagined block, in the flow of Consciousness; or, to the light of Awareness, casting dark shadows in the mind where the ego hides its conceptions and deceptions. In its “imagined ‘own’ imagination,” the ego has been successful at splitting the mind, having both made and claimed for itself its own mind from the Mind of God, which it then goes on to use and abuse to form its own identity and manifest its own dominion over which to play God. That world is the one perceived all around us. It is “the matrix.” It is why the world seems so corrupt, why it is so corrupting and why it’s only growing in corruption. Power corrupts, and ego is addicted to power.

The physical world is the effect, a projection, a manifestation of the ego thought system. It may not yet feel very comfortable to reveal its underlying cause, but it is highly empowering when we become willing to do so. And there is another world beyond the ego’s world that can be seen, not with the body’s eyes, but with Vision – with spiritual Awareness. It is not a Utopian world or some fancy concept of a “new” earth – it is simply one of Truth, like a happy dream. Truth is beautiful, radiant, persistently peaceful and joyful, wholly revealing and accessible to all with perfect equality.

The ego endeavors to block out the Truth, the light of Spirit, to keep It separate and apart from of Itself, from Awareness (a.k.a. spiritual or Self-awareness) and attempts to bury all the evidence of the ‘sins’ it believes it has actually committed against God, by imagining and making up yet more gaps in the mind it has claimed as its own. In these mental gaps it manifests levels for further dividing mind into conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. Now the ego can hide, filter, control and store mental activity not only for later reuse, holding us hostage by re-purposing memories, but also because, like quantum or atomic energy, thought energy also cannot be destroyed (but it can be forgiven and released when we become aware). Like toxic or nuclear waste, the ego has to do something with all the thoughts and memories it spins, no matter how illusory they are. So it suppresses this energy down in the unconscious mind as memories. There too, deep, deep down in the unconscious mind, it hides the guilt of its ‘sins against God’ – an intense guilt we all harbor and feel for willingly participating in the ego’s ‘evil’ plot to separate from our Creator (and its insane shenanigans, very clever nonetheless). This guilt is the source of all unworthiness, all fear and all the hate we suffer in the human condition, personally and collectively, only we cannot see or relate to it at all because its buried so far down in the ego’s unconscious level of mind, kept hidden in distorted memories our Awareness is barred access to.

The ego uses its ‘levels of mind’ not only to conceal its schemes and doings from our Awareness, but also to hide itself from our Awareness, so it can mimic its host (you and me), while remaining free to go on distracting, deceiving, distorting and manipulating, all but undetected by the light of our Awareness, a.k.a. our Self. For if, or rather when, our Self becomes aware of the thought system of ego, rooting itself deep down in the mind to a false, illusory thought of separation, It simply uses the power of will to expose and release the entire ego construct and all its illusory effects go with it, dissolved back into thought potential and returning to Consciousness.

Until then, as if under an ego spell, we believe and so perceive we have true Consciousness and we also seem to have a darkened, altered form of ego-consciousness, both occupying what appears to be a split mind made to believe it is host to numerous ‘levels’ of ego-consciousness, all of which have become more ‘real’ to us than true Consciousness, Spirit, God, Love, or Truth Itself. How can we heal such a conundrum? How can we enter and remain in a state of Awareness enough to clearly differentiate the ego, in order to expose it and let it go so that we can return to Love, to Unity, to integrity and peace? How can we restore Awareness as our permanent Guide and stop being deceived into following the ego thought system? How do we become and remain “enlightened?”

Enter, the unified quantum field – the quantum mirror – a field of energy the body’s senses are blind to when in a formless state (much like certain spectrums of light or sound), but see and feel as the ‘real world’ when it takes on form. Like Consciousness, the unified quantum field is a limitless, ever-present field, not of thought but of form energy, containing both matter or material form and form potential. This quantum field is an energetic effect of Consciousness, much like heat is an effect of fire. Where Consciousness, or simply Awareness, is present, so too is the quantum field present and radiating, both in particle (specific) form and in wave (potential) form – or, in both form and formless states. This cause-effect nature is invaluable to keep in mind, primarily because it points to the indomitable nature of Spirit; to who we are in truth. Why? Because fire is not concerned with, nor is it affected by, nor can it be affected by the heat it produces. It is fire, not heat; it is cause, not effect. We can believe we are somehow permanently affected by this world, or by our so-called “sins” committed ‘here’ and others can try to impose on us such a fallacy, but in truth, we are eternal spiritual beings wholly unaffected by what we seem to see and experience in the temporal, physical world. Ultimately, it’s all projected by an ego thought system that does nothing but deceive us from seeing the light of our own being so it can seem to ‘exist’ for a time… incidentally, which is all that the concept of time was made up for.

Additionally, like fire and its heat, these ‘two’ fields – the quantum field and Consciousness – each unified within themselves, are also together unified; they are one and inseparable. An important distinction to remember is that Consciousness is cause of the quantum field and not vice versa. As in the Genesis story, the quantum mirror is the void (potential form) over which the Spirit of God moved to see God’s Own Image reflected, and upon seeing It, then there was Light (form). Thus, all creation begins.

The quantum field, similar in principle but not in programming to the holodeck popularized by Star Trek – The Next Generation series, naturally reflects Consciousness in some form – that is what it does; that is what it is a quantum mirror reflecting the content or state of mind. When we are ‘awake,’ for example, it is present and reflects as a diverse multiplicity of animate and inanimate 3-D forms, seemingly extending out from a center form reflected, perceived and generally accepted as the body of the perceiver. When we meditate, however, it reflects as a formless form, yet we can feel (perceive, sense) its energy, its unity and even its unity with us. When we are sleeping, under anesthesia or in various ego-altered unconsciousness states, the field is not present at all because we, or rather Awareness, is not present. What most of us consider “reality” or the “real, physical world” requires our presence in order for it to be. Mind and the world are inseparable – fire and heat (mind being one with, and host, to Consciousness, regardless of its form.

Now we can answer the question of how to differentiate ego-consciousness from true Consciousness. Ultimately (and this word is used explicitly here to expose the very foundation of “free will”), we choose what and who we will see reflected in the quantum mirror based on how we identify within ourselves – who we think and believe we are. Will I see an ego-self or will I see my true Self? Choosing illusion here, everything that I see that follows from this choice onward, all subsequent effects, will be also be illusory – this is why this is the ultimate, fundamental choice. It is the choice between illusion and Truth. If I desire to imagine myself as a private, personified self, separate, special and apart from you, from nature and from my Creator, a persona-self that I, myself, have made, edited and changed over time using “my” mind alone – having made-up a version of my Self to fit into a perceived world – I will bring that ‘self’ to the mirror and that is what I will see and experience as “myself;” the closest one, the self-centered self, separate from all the others, reflected in some physical form in the quantum mirror.

On the other hand, however, should I choose to see myself as one with my Creator and one with you, bringing no thought of “me” to the mirror of the world, simply showing up to this moment as Awareness – bringing my Self as God created me and not some version of myself I made – I will instead see the magnificence and majesty of true Consciousness reflected in some wonderful form. I will see the Light. Having nothing to do with a personified, individuated ego-version of ‘self’ nor anything else ego-influenced, I will see a unified image or symbol of God’s creation. This is Vision, unified perception. I will experience this as a divinely inspired experience, a holy instant, one of authentic peace, joy and pure contentment and oneness. I will feel and know Love. Having chosen Truth instead of illusion, everything that I see that follows from this choice onward will contain and remind me of the light of Truth.

We can come to tell the difference quite easily and clearly within us by intent and through vigilance. Do I feel and entertain thoughts in this moment based on a persona or mental image of myself, or am I here present in this moment simply as Awareness? Allowing thoughts like this can help us remember Awareness or remember our Self. The ego thought system can be undone and we can be 100% certain it will be undone, because it is already accomplished in that holy instant, outside of time.

If this material interests you and you feel like going deeper or practice something in your daily life to further illuminate the ‘bottom of the rabbit hole’ as I like to refer to it, you may want to immersing yourself in a year-long self-study course from the organization Foundation for Inner Peace called A Course in Miracles
(available through Amazon and also online). As always, please feel free to connect with me, too, here or on Twitter at twitter.com/patrickdarling. Comments and/or feedback is always welcome here.

May this serve you wonderfully well!



3 thoughts on “<em>Who</em> is this <em>One</em> Gazing into the Quantum Mirror?”

  1. This is so clear and illuminating for me. Thank you for sharing these valuable insights of awakened awareness. I especially value the fire and mirror analogy. Can you elaborate a bit on the will of the Self when – “It simply uses the power of will to expose and release the entire ego construct”
    Do you mean “will” as bringing the focus of mind back to present moment such as how the Course lessons point us in that state of Being?
    Ive been through a couple rough turbulence at work again, but Im also following the Course lessons again throughout the day. I had a brief breakdown day before yesterday in which I cried so many tears that I felt they were tears for all humanity. The amazing thing was I was actually able to still return to work yesterday and all went amazingly well!! Were the tears out of my going into the wrong minded thinking or a way to release dark energy held in body by ego ?

  2. Never mind my last writing. It occured to me that thos article says it all. I have all my own answers within seeing my “brother” through the eyes of Holy Spirit.

    1. Hi Brenda, I’m so glad you find these clarifying. Feel free to text me anytime you have a question about anything here – I may not see comments for quite some time. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts too! Love you!

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