collapse the illusion

Collapsing the Illusion

Because Loveless Thoughts Become Loveless Things

collapsing the illusionContemporary creative thinkers like to say things like “thoughts become things,” and a whole lot of people these days like to dabble in the mystery of that idea in the endless pursuit human beings have – unlike any other living creature – to seek out new or more ways to materially enrich their lives. There’s nothing right or wrong with this idea of “manifesting,” using essentially what boils down to magic. Under the hood, we could say it’s all really just magic here… all of us make-believing what we expect or desire to perceive, including the human experience itself within a physical world, both of which are fundamentally grounded in, and dependent on, sensory perception.

Without our physical senses, after all, the mind would have no way to convince itself one ‘reality’ is any more ‘real’ than another. Senses enable the mind to believe its own projections, or what folks today like to think of as manifestations. Without the senses, there would be no difference between dreams and more dreams.

“Here” in a perceivable 3-dimensional physical world, to believe is to perceive. To make-believe, then, is to manipulate what is perceived.

We all use magic to some extent and have done so all our lives, as people have throughout all human history. Although having suppressed our methods and much of our mystical history deep down in memory (manifest in form and symbolized today as esoteric images, places and things like crumbling pyramids, et al), most of us these days do so without being even remotely aware that’s what we’re doing. It’s not about spells and rituals as much as being about the power of belief we invest in thoughts and things. We may call it chemistry, for one of countless examples, but without the fundamental ingredient of belief on a deep, subconscious level, taking a pill to relieve symptom ‘xyz’ would have absolutely no effect.

What’s more – we might think we believe a thing on a conscious level and yet have a vast network of deeply rooted, interwoven, even seemingly unrelated beliefs on a subconscious level that may completely override and overrule what we believe we believe consciously. Humanity accumulates and passes on such a vast ‘operating system’ of levels of beliefs that it’s mind-numbing to contemplate. It is amazing we’ve made it this far without some form of mass global reboot. Or, have we? Indoctrinated into such a system right from the womb, it’s no wonder today we are seeing otherwise inexplicable rises in diseases like autism, Alzheimer’s, dementia, attention deficit disorders (ADD & ADHD) and a menagerie of mental health issues. Our lives, all our decisions, are most often driven by subconscious beliefs, much like base programming or firmware that operates in the background.

Underpinning everything in the human experience is the power of belief or make-believe, or if you prefer, more relevant to the example of symptom relief by taking a pill – the placebo effect. There is a much higher Awareness, or Truth, open to us here if we have eyes to see and ears to hear, one that most often goes entirely unnoticed because we’ve so handicapped ourselves by focusing our creative faculties primarily on material gain. This post is intended to shine a big, bright spotlight on that Truth, so “buckle your seat belt Dorothy… ‘cuz Kansas is going bye-bye.”

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Am I That? Am I?

Everything that is either created or manifest is seeded first in thought and has its roots firmly planted in and nurtured by the power and creative faculties of Mind.  Further, whether something is created (spiritually) or manifest (physically), what is conceived of is based on what is desired. Our desires are rooted in our identity – in how we internally answer the question “Who Am I?” – who we either know ourselves to be or who we imagine, believe and perceive ourselves to be.

Under the influence of an ego identity – in a nutshell, being an imagined version of oneself, a self-image, a mental self-concept – we have used (misused) both desire and the creative faculties of the mind to conjure up, make-believe and manifest for ourselves quite the identity crisis. We could say that what began as a momentary, passing, sort of hypothetical rogue thought, some form of “What if I was not what I Am?” spawned a thought system that, given unending attention and belief, morphed and expanded into a full-blown psychic conundrum. “If I am not that,” that simply, by default, being the natural extension and likeness of that which created mei.e. my Source, my Creator – “then I am                 .”

Gifts at the Altar

The making up and subsequent filling in of that blank, that space, that imagined, fabricated ‘gap’ is the ego-self – the mental concept of self-authorship – a thought process we set in motion to inevitably become manifest by letting it be anything more than a simple passing thought in the mind;  one of countless potentials in the continuous flow of Consciousness. Instead, we chose (and choose, an ongoing choice) to value, uphold and invest belief in the self-concept we conjure up for ourselves to be in the realm of imagination, placing this ‘self’ in that perceived gap, letting this imagining, this make-believe, this magic thought become a substitute for the limitless, undefined, ever-expansive experience and Truth of “who I Am,” or “what I Am ‘as God created me.’”

This decision – and make no mistake, there is a decision being made – to be something ‘other’ than who I Am, something in place of my authentic Self, invokes a creative process in the mind that cannot but lead to manifest dreams and illusions, because we value and uphold the mental image we make of our Self, causing what we ‘make-believe’ to become seemingly very real to us

The “gap” to the ego is perceived, manifest and pursued as something like land to be conquered, occupied and populated with its own concepts. To Spirit however, to Love, where there is only divine Unity and the concept of gaps is meaningless and nonexistent, we could say the ego’s ‘gaps’ become simply more opportunities to extend Love, and thus fuse into being part of the grand altar of Creation. Rather than perceiving a ‘thing’ and boxing it into a concept to be mentally stored away (as in idol-ized, coveted), Love seeks only to extend Itself in the present moment in such a way that all Creation is served – “in this instant let this provide                 ;” “let that serve in this moment as                 .” No gap, no manifest thing, no magic or make-believe… just a simple expression of Love, of Spirit.

With Love, or co-Creating with Spirit, what fills the gap – more accurately, what gift is raised and given at the altar – is a listening rather than a telling; an observing and allowing rather than a labeling and defining. We either jump in impulsively with ego as our guide, brazen, clumsy, ill-informed, rushing in to fill gaps with ‘our own’ thoughts and imaginings, utterly limited to our personal, past-based experience, our beliefs, our preferences and our indoctrination, or we sit in patience, stillness and peace, and with Spirit as our Guide, we intuitively allow the gaps we perceive to be filled for us, with us, by Love, by Spirit.

All True Creation is Co-Creation

Creation is a result of joining to express, extend and/or reflect Love. Believing ourselves here in a physical world of space and time, traditional ways of joining have been through prayer and meditation. However, there is also inspiration and intuition. Through these we discover a constant, continuous stream of Communication (a.k.a. Love) between our Source and our Self, being One in Spirit. It is in being in the flow of true or “Christ” Consciousness that we experience ‘               ’ as limitless, ever-fresh and forever new, regardless of its present form, rather than ‘it’ being labelled by an ego-hijacked mind and thus limited, evaluated, judged and stored away in the mind as a memory, a concept or thing… an idol..

Every time we label something in the mind, perceiving it a “thing,” we separate it from unity. And now unity, less this ‘thing,’ we perceive as incomplete, labeling it too, now, as “something else.” In just this way, unaware i.e. unconsciously, we fragment what is ONE – a unified quantum field of energy – into billions of fragmented bits and pieces. This unified field of subatomic energy, the quantum screen upon which the entire cosmos is projected by the mind, “prakriti” in ancient Vedic philosophy, is a natural effect of Brahman – of God, of Allah, of Spirit, of Consciousness, of Love, of our unity with our Creator – in the same way heat is an effect of fire.

We’ve stated already that “to believe is to perceive,” but there is another part to it:  to perceive is to teach. To perceive – underneath which is a choice constantly being made of ‘how’ to perceive, from what angle or perspective (being ultimately either from love or fear) – is to teach the mind, or we could say to perceive is to program the mind. To take a thought from the eternal flow of Consciousness and make it special by upholding it, valuing it, cherishing it and pursuing it further, investing in it with the power of attention and subsequently belief, then to perceive it as a manifest thing, all goes toward programming the mind; programming it not only with one’s preferences, but ultimately also with one’s preferred, personalized version of reality.

Ego-conceived programs are like fake news in mainstream media – they have nothing whatsoever to do with Reality; with our spiritual Truth.

Listening, intuiting, letting the gap be filled with a fresh, inspired thought, this is co-Creation rather than a conceptualized, ‘solo’ or personal manifesting of one’s preferred version of reality. In addition, having included the Imagination and Mind of God, the results are both natural and also super-natural, always beyond, limitless in scope, as well as eternal, timeless and thus free of decay; free of the law of entropy that eventually disintegrates every concept and thing in the world of form.

The boundless Imagination of God is freely shared with each and every one of us – it is never, ever unavailable or withheld. Yet every single one of us ‘here’ is here because we chose to rely instead upon the limits of our own believed, perceived ‘private, personalized’ imagination to populate the altar of creation; impulsively filling in a gap that exists only in the ego’s view, perception; within which we imagine and manifest (a.k.a. project, like a holographic projection on a quantum screen) from our ‘own’ mind, our own world and our own preferred version of reality.

Not only is our world(s) constructed in this way, conceived in the arrogance, ignorance, narcissism and hubris of ego, but so, too, are our concepts of ‘self’ conjured up, programmed and projected in the very same way. So, too, is it with all things we experience. Because perceiving our self-made selves as all-inclusive, independent and autonomous, we allow our egos to block out and ignore the flow of Communication from our Source, the “sunlight of the Spirit.”

Can you be separated from your identification and be at peace?
Dissociation is not a solution; it is a delusion.
~ A Course in Miracles

Exercising Free Will

Religious people in particular tend to talk a lot about “free will,” most often not seeing how they too, just like everyone else here, have used the power of will to imprison themselves in the self-same conundrum as the rest of humanity. No one in the physical world arrives ‘here’ uninfected by the ego thought system, and we’ve tailor-made this world to indoctrinate newbies into its glorified ego-trip of time and space from day zero onward.

Free agency, we claim, entitles us with the freedom and the right to choose based on desire, and humanity is the summation and effect of that thought taken to the nth degree (thoughts become things), to include something even so fundamental as our core identity – specifically authorship of our identity. Yet authorship, or cause of our Self, is a role attributable only to One… our Source and Creator, by whatever label one chooses to use – Nature, Spirit, God, Higher Power, Love. Not to worry if one is an atheist, agnostic or just struggles with humanity’s religions. Both our Source and our true Identity transcend religion and belief, pointing only to the simple fact that we have a spiritual origin and source.

What we either deny or altogether ignore is that, for us to believe we can author ourselves and then go further to imagine and manifest an individuated identity or personality with its own private thoughts and private version of reality, one that is separate, apart from and entirely different from our Source, is to usurp the role of our Creator. It is a futile attempt to play God. A lot of next-generation or ‘post-New Age’ folks out there today, believing their personas are “woke,” even come out and straight-up claim to be God. These ones sort of put the cart before the horse, but we could say at least they sense their divine Source and they are not afraid to question fundamental belief systems and status quo, and that is a step in the right-minded direction.

Devout religious individuals who’d likely condemn all these next-gen folks as blasphemers and heretics, have conjured-up identities for themselves just the same, however, worshiping a distant, separate and distinctly other entity they consider as their god as well. They don’t see that they are just as ‘guilty’ of playing God, of “idol-worship,” coveting the same delusion of self-authorship as those who claim to be God, know no god or deny God altogether. Religious or not, believing in God or not, we are all in this together. And together, and only together, as One, are we given and shown the Way to freedom. The ego is the ultimate idol – it is idolatry, made manifest – its favorite idol being itself, its self-concept; its second favorite being “more,” it doesn’t matter more of what.

We’ve all made and uphold the very same error (and it is merely an error), or at least believe and so perceive we have made it. Therefore, we all suffer the effects of upholding both the error and the belief system it gives rise to, having cherished, coveted and manifest the thought of an ego-self, yet all the while most of us remain oblivious that we’re doing all this to ourselves. ‘All this,’ in simple terms, is the “human condition.”

Free to Choose Illusion over Truth

We may not be consciously aware that that’s what we’re doing here in the “matrix,” but that is exactly what’s going on behind all the acts and scenes playing out on the world stage. We’re all playing God, including those billions among us proudly believing and differentiating themselves as devoutly Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. This may be a hard pill for some to swallow, but a religious persona is every bit a false ego-self as is a serial-killer persona, or a prostitute persona, or a president of the United States persona, or an LGBTQ___ persona, a black, white, brown or any color or race persona… and yes, even a male or female persona. A persona is a persona is a persona – a mask is a mask. Masks serve to do what? Conceal one’s true identity. And our true Identity reveals that we are purely spiritual beings created in the likeness and Reality of our Creator.

Truth is the great equalizer of personas because all personas are false. What use has a persona next to the magnificence and majesty of Spirit?

No one in their right mind chooses a persona to be, or to wear, in place of the Spirit that they are in Truth. But that’s just it, isn’t it? Driven by ego and the countless forms of fear it conjures up to use against its host (i.e. humanity) in order to remain in control and running the show, the great majority of us are not in our right mind. Most of us are not operating in a state of present or Self-Awareness, but rather are “out of our minds” under tyrannous rule without even being aware of it. Because of this, mixing in the law of entropy governing both the systems and physical world we’ve manifest, we have ourselves quite the conundrum – an insane and increasingly corrupt and decaying global civilization, systems and world.

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Something Else – Something Special

Just as like begets like even here, God created us – a beloved Thought in the Mind of God. We are created as the extension of God; Love begets Love, Spirit begets Spirit, thus we too are spiritual beingsfull stop. We do not perceive ourselves as spiritual beings for primarily two reasons; 1) because the concept and laws of perception were made to separate and blind us to anything beyond ‘the veil,’ beyond the reach of the five senses (which incidentally the senses are also manifest by the ego-hijacked mind, directing them to perceive the “reality” one desire), and (2), because we have chosen to make-believe, perceive and thus program our minds to manifest (project) ourselves as ‘something else’ other than spirit. That choice and the desire behind it is the root of all our troubles. Solve this one problem and all other perceived problems fall away, because they’re all rooted in this one cause.

We chose and continue to choose to perceive ourselves as ‘something else,’ believing the bizarre idea, while sharing the Mind of God, that we can think separately and in isolation, apart and ‘privately’ from our Source – individually – to the extent that we can re-author or re-create ourselves using the fundamental creative power of thought and Mind, to be whatever we wish. And so, metaphorically we could say we opted to split-off and snatch up a piece of Mind to use it to make-believe and play out a fantasy of personhood, to perceive ourselves as ‘something else;’ something other than spiritual, something other than Love, something different, something special, something physical in nature and thus in opposition to what is spiritual.

The potential ramifications of this choice are inestimable. We have chosen perception over Vision and thus, to perceive rather than to Know – to perceive ourselves as form in place of knowing our Self as formless. This surely is the purpose behind the maxim, “Know Thyself,” inscribed on the temple at the ancient oracle in Delphi, Greece, interestingly enough once considered the “navel of the world” – to serve as a permanent reminder. If we would have the peace we desire in our heart-of-hearts, we must now choose again, choosing Knowledge, Truth, if we would reawaken to know our Self once again; to rise above the dreamworld and its vast, immersive web of perceptual ramifications.

Choosing perception and thus to be guided by an ego-hijacked mind (convincing us it is us), we must suppress and forget our true spiritual Self out of Awareness, enabling us to imagine and replace It with a special, unique, physical-based identity – a persona (Latin for mask), one that is “apart from,” separate, private, isolated and located in’ a body among a multitude of other, separate bodies, all serving to affirm for us the “reality” of  our preferred delusions  – a dream reality wholly rooted in the thought of separation.

By not being separate, the Mind of God is established in ours and as ours.
This Mind is invincible because it is undivided.
~ A Course in Miracles

Ingenuity of the Ego-Hijacked Mind

To pull off this mind-numbing feat – to forget our true Self out of Awareness – the ego quite ingeniously conceived the concept of manifesting “levels” in the mind itself – levels of consciousness. In Truth, in Reality, in unified Mind, levels do not exist. There is only one true Consciousness, sometimes referred to as “Christ” Consciousness or God-conscious, or again in simple terms, Love. However, given ego’s fabrication and manipulation of ‘gaps,’ to serve its need to deceive it vainly concocted the idea of an imaginary realm outsidebeyond or below Consciousness – a “sub”-conscious ‘part’ of mind where, provided the ego can remain clever enough, our Self can be kept hidden and separated from Awareness.

The ego itself must also remain covert, undetectable and kept out of awareness, so that it can maintain its shadowy control without being discovered. Being anti-Love and anti-Spirit, it certainly cannot abide in the same level it manifest to cloak our Self.  So, it also manifests an anti- or “un”-conscious level, completely protected, isolated and cut-off from Awareness, where it hides both itself and all its secret methods and doings, just like Oz’s wizard behind the curtain. Or if you prefer a “real world” example, the CIA.

Finally, we have what boils down to an altered state of consciousness, ego’s substitute for true Consciousness. The ego must keep our Awareness apart from true Consciousness at any cost (Awareness and Consciousness naturally being One), lest the flow of Communication resume and suddenly we remember our Self and our Source and blow the ego’s whole charade. So it mimics Consciousness as best as it can. However as in the film, The Matrix, there are certainly glitches in its limited and loveless version. This manifest level of mind is generally what we believe and so perceive as our “conscious” or awake state, in which we play make-believe in time and space with our pseudo-selves in personal dreamworlds of our own individual making. It is far from being awake.

All of this – the ego, all its doings, its ‘levels’ of consciousness, the idea we can be separate and apart from our Source, from our Self – is taking place, or seeming to, in what has become through cyclic, addictive repetition alone, a hyper-realistic realm of imagination… the matrix; or Maya as described by cultural ancestry.

“Solve this one problem and all other perceived problems fall away, because they’re all rooted in this one cause.”

There is a reason why movies like The Matrix and Wizard of Oz, Altered States and Inception resonate so deeply within a majority of us. There is a reason why we make movies like these. They come from what could be considered the shared subconscious – where the creative faculties of mind can use form, imagery and storytelling (parables) to help us awaken out of the ego’s construct and transcend (or collapse) its imaginary levels of consciousness. Love, God or Spirit, can use these films, as with any present perceived life situation when we’re paying attention – observing in a state of spiritual Awareness – to help us see beyond ‘the veil’ and lead us to freedom from the mental prison we’ve conjured up for ourselves, provided we (1) desire to see , (2) are willing to be shown and (3) remain open-minded to receive ideas beyond our own limited thinking or imagining. Without this desire, willingness and open-mindedness, the ego is more than happy to maintain and fortify its reign and keep our Awareness distracted 24 x 7 x 365. And in today’s hi-tech, screen and gadget-driven world, that’s become a piece of cake to the ego.

The more humanity leans toward a collective “awakening,” as we have been since the shift that began in the 1960’s – is it not all very interesting to observe how the level of distraction and confusion intensifies proportionately? Today the egoic distraction is unprecedented, and quite frightening too if you don’t know what you’re looking at. The ego is fighting for its very survival in the mind, fighting for its life or its ‘virtual existence’ – it will not go quietly without intense resistance, until simply, without any iota of resistance, we choose to let it go… which translates to letting go, finally, of our ongoing desire to author ourselves.

“The ‘gap’ to the ego is perceived as something like land to be conquered, occupied and populated with its own concepts.”

What we’re suffering, the “human condition,” we could say is a form of imagined Self-exile, a feeble, yet seemingly effective attempt to banish, even if only temporarily, that beloved Thought in the Mind of God – the Thought of our true Self, that I Am, that You Are, that We Are – to some imagined, remote, dark and hidden corner of Mind; some rogue realm of the imagination. It is through the egos manipulation of its fabricated ‘gaps and its conjured-up ‘levels of consciousness, and through its mastery of distraction, deception and sleight of hand that it manages to keep our Self out of our Awareness. And so, it is in collapsing these levels that our Self is fully restored to Awareness, requiring only our willingness to accept a correction and let the restoration be done for us. Gaps and levels are collapsed by removing or undoing what the ego has placed there; by letting go of what we have made as ‘substitute’ for our Self, unwinding and restoring the mind back to Mind.

The singular choice we make – to be something ‘other’ than what we are, to be separated not only from our Source but from our Self – ultimately being the choice for illusion over Truth, has produced countless subsequent erroneous effects and paradoxes, all of which are just as illusory and untrue as their origin, all culminating in the loveless physical world we perceive ourselves in today, seeming to exist ‘outside’ of us, outside the body, in and as the 21st century world – the matrix.’

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. ~ Albert Einstein

Taking Responsibility – Just Who’s Will Is This?

With the ego successful at its goal to deceive and distract and with us oblivious to its methods, we end up taking no responsibility for having made this choice, nor for all its ongoing effects. Instead, quietly, privately, we insist on remaining our own author, existing in a perpetual state of denial, allowing the ego to keep the entire charade far out of our Awareness. So many of us too, believing in God, blame God for the effects of our choices, yet indirectly so, in a strange, deluded, distorted way that enables us to still perceive ourselves humble and reverent.

Billions of us tell ourselves and go on to teach our children, our faithful church, mosque, synagogue and temple-goers, that God or Allah in “His infinite wisdom and mercy” and in “His mysterious ways” is the one behind all that happens in this world; that God has ‘gifted’ this world to us; that God ‘allows’ and thus, even wills both the good and, by default, the bad that happens here, even to extremes that include wars and atrocities, famines, human trafficking, organ trafficking, rape, rape and murder of children, even babies, suicide bombers, even the torture and murder of “God’s only Son” (… because with ego’s ‘help’ we can distort even that to somehow be loving and sane). People consent to being taught and convinced of this insane narrative, and then go on to teach others “it’s all in His Plan.”

How is Love present in any teaching that has a god that wills any of these things, or in a god who picks sides, or one that chooses these special people over those un-special ones? These are all core egoic concepts and human ideas and behaviors based on separation and specialness, having nothing whatsoever to do with Love. God, Love, is either All – perfect and complete, infinite Unity, without opposite – or God is nothing. God is only Truth, or illusion. Only the ego we made is capable of duality, sides, opposites and extremes. The vast majority of humanity today worships the ego without even realizing it.

Beliefs – Like Viruses in the Mind

One of our primary blocks, being under the influence of an ego thought system, is that most of us don’t make it a practice to question all our assumptions and beliefs when and as they arise. Beliefs, often coveted just like fancy things, can easily become like viruses in the mind; devices of control the ego uses in part to influence and sway decisions. One who needs to rely on beliefs – often adopted beliefs at that – imagining, for example, such things about God as stated above, has no present experience or present Communication with God, or else they would not rest on or default to stored-up beliefs, including interpretations from written words on pages, no matter the book or material. Instead they would trust fully and go off of present gut feeling or intuition, being ever-open to present Guidance, because they are open to the flow of Communication. Does the educated or learned one, having no such present, living experience of God, have any business teaching or preaching the Ways of God? Can any book ever be holier than the authentic Spirit of a man, woman or child, or any living thing in your presence?

It is insanity, twisted, distorted thinking and believing, that has led our minds to becoming so corrupt when it comes to thoughts of our Creator, to the extent that one could believe Love would sit back and will the things that happen here in this upside-down and backwards world to happen; that we could believe books and lands and some bodies holier than the spirit of even the perceived least of our brothers and sisters. Love’s Will would only have us ever-so-gently awaken from this self-imposed nightmare – our imagined, preferred substitute for our true Home in God. That is the only role Love or God has in any of the doings here, to help us reawaken to the Truth of who we are as the extension of Love Itself.

The ego, our ‘preferred self-concept,’ made this “conscious” level or state of mind and its fantasy dreamworld to keep God out – to keep Love out – period. God is not only not responsible for what happens here, but also is not aware of what happens ‘here’ because (1) the thought of separation was conceived for that very purpose, to isolate us from our Creator, and (2) because it is not really happening in Reality; ‘here’ is not real. We really need to get that if we are to walk the path to freedom – to see the illusion for what it is, and what it isn’t. Darkness is not opposite of Light; that would imply darkness has the same reality as Light. No, darkness is the absence of light – it is an illusory state or idea, a void, a hypothetical concept supposing ever-present Light could be absent from Reality.

This is how duality and multiplicity are undone to restore Unity. This is how levels of mind and gaps are collapsed to restore integrity and harmony, and with these, perfect, persistent peace to the heart and mind.

Unconscious Guilt and the Inevitable Bottom

The guilt we carry over all this, harboring the thought of separation, the resulting corrupt, distorted self-centered thinking, our beliefs, both overt and covert, our ongoing choice for illusion over Truth, all of this the ego keeps locked away and buried, deep, deep down in its unconscious level of the mind. The guilt is immeasurable; astronomical. Our unconscious guilt is exceeded only perhaps by our seemingly endless supply of denial. And make no mistake – we all carry this guilt. It shows up in every sensation of unworthiness, self-deprecation, shame, self-doubt and regret we experience. All that negative self-chatter… this is the true, underlying source of it.

And yes, of course there is also the seemingly the good and pleasurable stuff of this ‘life.’ Of course there is. The ego could not keep our Awareness hostage in a dream if it didn’t also supply us, tempt us and seduce us with shiny trinkets and a multitude of things that are pleasurable, at least temporarily. Only at some point, or after enough perceived lifetimes on the treadmill, we all come to eventually see the charade for what it is and for what it is not.

We are much like the heroin addict when it comes to this world, and both individually and collectively we’ve allowed the ego to be our supplier, our dealer. Underneath its shiny but temporary trinkets of money, property, prestige, fame, worldly “power” and material “success” is a dark, perilous and sinister nature. Our lives and our experience of the world remains this way until we finally hit our bottom, surrender and willingly reconnect and reset Communication with our Source and Creator. That is the only outcome here. How long one chooses to delay that outcome is the extent and depth to which one will experience a seemingly individual bottom. Beyond the bottom and beyond the world of illusion, however, is absolute freedom.

So, yes indeed… this is all on us! None of this is on our Creator, Willing none of this for us, yet providing the Way to freedom from our misuse of Mind; the Way to persistent Peace, unending Joy and limitless Love. Every bit of what appears to happen here has its roots, its source, in the mind – thoughts become things. It is in every way a dream – a dream of our own making based entirely on cause and effect. Understanding this cause and effect relationship, with cause always being in the mind, places us above being stuck in a victim mentality. We are the cause – the dreamer of the dream – suffering the effects of our own ongoing arrogant, ignorant, ego-driven, impossible and thus illusory choice for illusion over Truth, believing we can self-author personas and bodies for ourselves to substitute for who we are as spiritual beings created by a Loving Creator. This is all on us because we are choosing to listen to a guide of our own making rather than the one true Guide Who has our true best interests forever in Mind.

The Perils of In-Divide-Duality

The desire to make-believe and so perceive ourselves as something else other than what we are as spiritual beings has led to all perceived ‘personal’ and collective human conflicts. Literally all of our troubles are rooted in this one choice for illusion, branching off to become like a great tree of illusory choices – a Grand Delusion – all stemming from one choice that in Reality was never ours to make. That we believe we were successful in making it, itself, is another illusion. Furthermore, being not aligned with Love’s Will, it also was never one we could make in Reality, and thus it could only seem to take place in the realm of imagination – a very important distinction to make, because it shines light on the way out of illusion and back to freedom and peace. We can un-imagine something just as easily as we can imagine it, only it can take some effort to get some impressions out of our minds once they’ve been impressed there.

Believing, however, as a result that we now can have ‘private’ thoughts apart from our Source (and apart from each other), we continue to use the mind alone in isolation, perceiving ourselves as separate, distinct individuals (in-divide-duality), upholding an alien belief in personhood rather than experiencing the true underlying unity, the oneness, the singularity of Mind and Spirit – the Love connecting us all.

Look closely and you cannot but notice that the vast majority of people ‘out there’ seem to have no idea really how to use the mind, in part because it was never intended for ‘private’ use, nor do they seem to understand or respect the raw creative power it has, unguided and left to itself – left to an ego-self – to wreak havoc in their perceived personal, privatized experiences. Yet, as if to sabotage themselves, when it comes to using the mind, most people insist on going it alone.

How many of us ever even consider the idea to pause the ‘ever important business’ of our lives enough to ask for Guidance from our Creator – from Mind’s Creator  – in relation to how to use the mind’s creative faculties for our true, best interests? We don’t ask for help, in part because intuitively we sense deep down that we’ve made all this up; that there is no such thing as ‘my’ personal or individual best interests alone; that true “best interests” must include everyone’s best interests. Selfish and self-centered, however, the ego is concerned only with what’s in it for ‘me,’ what is best for this persona, best for me ‘personally,’ for the characters we’ve made-up; and perhaps also for those few special other ones we make and hold special “love for, withholding it from others.

No, in our arrogance and ignorance we neglect to ask for Guidance on how best to use this incredible, awesome power of Mind. People go lifetimes without ever slowing down and pausing to ask for help with it. Nor do we teach our children to do so, which in itself is a loveless thing not to pass on to each other, especially to ‘new arrivals.’ Instead we’re conditioned from early on to not tune into a Divine Guide but rather to become self-reliant, to basically just start hacking away at using the mind, designing and manifesting our preferred dream-personas as we go along, ‘creating a dream life’ for our special characters in a dreamworld of our own making.

Is it really such a surprise that a vast majority of us go through life feeling like “we don’t fit in our skin?”

Our personal dream world we base on our own very limited imaginations and understandings, influenced by past and present exposure to our environment, all the while believing ourselves “normal” and our methods perfectly sane. We take great pride in things like ‘education,’ ‘personal development’ and ‘character-building,’ often tapping into what today has become a massively profitable ‘self’-help industry. The question we all should be asking ourselves, however, is “which self am I trying to help?” Being a “well-adjusted” persona in this world generally requires one’s character to be a meticulous balance of arrogance, competitiveness, selfishness and narcissism… in other words ego-focused, ego-guided and ego-driven. No doubt this world is designed to reward ego-loyalists.

It’s No Secret We’re Deceiving Our Self

Our self-centered mental activity and our decision to go it alone happens on the ego’s conscious level (again, not true Consciousness but what we perceive to be “consciousness”), but for the most part is quickly suppressed back out of Awareness using one of the ego’s primary means of mind control – most often distraction. Unaware that we’ve allowed ourselves to be under continuous manipulation and influence of an egoic version of our Self, we are easily able to deny that we think, act and believe in this selfish and often rebellious way. With the thought of separation buried at the root of our egoic thought system, most often we are thinking and acting in direct opposition to our Source and Creator and thus against and blocking the natural flow of Consciousness or Love; again, including even the most religious among us, who all the while believe they are doing or at least trying to do God’s Will.

Today too, thanks in large part to films like The Secret (which might be short for “The Secret Psy-Op”) and concepts like the ‘law’ of attraction, countless people are distracted by the belief they are learning to master the creative faculties of the mind; lured by the temptation to now be able to consciously manifest things and outcomes they imagine and believe they desire for themselves.

Never mind that, guided by Spirit, they’ve been subconsciously manifesting all along, (a.k.a. projecting) situations that could be used to serve their true heart’s desire – to rewaken – had they only been open to seeing it.

However, both the film and all these folks are missing the great big elephant in the room – that the person manifesting, the ‘doer’ him or herself, is a self-image, a false concept of one’s Self, one who clearly is fully invested in the illusion of personhood and thus is lost in imagination, having a bunch of persona-based desires. We could say they are lost in a limitless quantum field of dream manifestation until they, too, choose to let go of dreaming and reawaken to the One who has neither need nor want for things here. No matter how successful these ones may seem on the outside, they do not see, and most if not all would prefer to ignore, that hidden in their choice to manifest a ‘better’ dream is the conscious choice to remain dreaming. The really ‘successful’ ones are as deeply rooted in their false, made-up, influential and famous personas as any persona possibly could be. These ones are propped up by the ego to tempt the rest of us with concepts like attraction and shiny trinkets and pleasurable things, all ultimately to serve the hidden purpose of delaying reawakening to Truth.

These often otherwise spiritual folk argue that “in the meantime, while they are waiting to fully  awaken” they might as well manifest shiny trinkets and fancy, wealthy lifestyles, ignoring the simple fact that awakening (really, simply the restoration of one’s Self to Awareness) happens only in the present moment – only right now. Spending this moment then, thinking about, focused on, or choosing to manifest a different, somehow ‘better’ material future is not only a form of future-tripping, but also conceals the fully conscious choice to delay one’s reawakening to Self – or enlightenment – now. A choice in this moment to delay will result in delay, and so, too, must delay always result in pain in some form. Also, who wants to awaken from a good dream? A dream is a dream, and to dream is to delay.

Lifetimes are spent extending such delays, often endlessly, although granted, time, too, is part of the grand delusion (and also happens to be another favorite ego mind-control device).

Manifesting a ‘better’ personal dream life for oneself, believing and perceiving that self to be a separate, individuated persona is, by nature, an egoic, self-serving endeavor – there’s just no getting around this. Our true Self, the extension of divine Spirit, has neither need nor desire for things and outcomes in a dream that ultimately are meaningless and valueless to Spirit. The only useful purpose they can serve is to be put entirely in Spirit’s hands to be used for one’s reawakening, or they surely will be used by the ego as obstacles to it.

Things are used by an ego-self to serve its primary purpose of keeping the dreamer immersed in the dream – that is the only real secret. Underneath its ‘gift’ of conscious manifesting is the ego’s ultimate goal laid out and fully served, which is solely to maintain its hypothetical ‘existence’ in our minds. Unable to exist in Reality, the ego must keep the mind dreaming and deluded and keep Awareness distracted all so that it can seem to exist. It must maintain the gap it made manifest in the mind within which it thrives, in a split mind, with its conjured-up levels of consciousness, all in order for itself to be.

Private Thoughts in Perceived Isolation

A vast majority of the isolated thoughts we imagine having, considering them “my thoughts,” imagining them as personal and ‘private,’ and believing we make and hold them in our minds apart from our Source – are loveless. They are loveless because they are without devotion, because the ego-hijacked ‘part’ of the mind and its realm of the unconscious is made to be separate from and devoid of the Thought of God. So too then are all the effects of private thoughts devoid of Love as well; Love being the authentic experience of God, the flow of Communication, Communion, Unity. Loveless thoughts beget loveless effects; loveless thoughts become loveless things.

That loveless void is the barrier, the wall, the dense, unconscious gap the ego has made, fortified and filled in with its own imaginings in its attempt to divide and separate our Awareness from our Source, from Spirit, from each other, from our Self… from Love, for it to seem to exist. It’s quite literally the source and cause of all perceived space separating and dividing all things from each other in the physical universe, right down to the force of energy keeping the proton from uniting, neutralizing, with the electron. It’s the root cause of what is between’ all extremes, even the cause of duality itself, as well as the multitude of imaginary, perceived ranges of degrees and levels between dualistic polar opposites. It is the separation idea made manifest, the force of ‘apartness.’ It is the realm of perception in place of Vision. And it is wholly an illusion – a mind-made distortion of Reality.

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.” ~ Thích Nhất Hạnh

Via this fabricated gap conjured up and filled in under ego guidance and influence, we cut ourselves off from experiencing the natural, continuous flow of higher communication with our Source – again, a.k.a. Love or Spirit or true Consciousness. This gap produces a distortion – the imagined, unstable, ever-shifting altered state of consciousness we perceive as the “human experience;” one based in separation, volatility, insecurity and lack. Having cut ourselves off from our Source, we experience an abstract, indefinable, unquenchable sense of emptiness; we experience need, followed by a seemingly insatiable need for ‘more – it really doesn’t seem to matter more of what just more.

All our drives and all our seeking here in this limited experience we misperceive as “life,” all of our needing here, is a vain attempt to fill the intense, primarily unconscious sense of lack that we have caused to exist within ourselves, having chosen a tyrannical egoic thought system over our Source and subsequently, our spiritual Self, being One. Having separated ourselves from our Source and from our true, natural, boundless inheritance, we allow the ego to all but block out the persistent flow of Communication with our Source, and with it, our Awareness of persistent peace, unending joy and the Knowledge that we are wholly and eternally loved, safe and secure without limit.

“I and my Father are One.”
~ said a Carpenter’s Son,w on Behalf of Us All

Just as we, under the influence of ego have conjured up levels of the mind and altered states of consciousness in which to play out our imaginary, ‘private’ fantasies, we’ve also imagined and manifest our own ‘special’ form of love, having nothing whatsoever to do with authentic, unconditional, spiritual Love. “Love” in this world for the most part is exclusive, conditional, held out only for some yet withheld from others. That is not Love, , but a twisted form of need – needing a sense of security, needing to feel wanted and the desire to possess, to own and to covet… ‘my’ partner, ‘my’ child, ‘my’ thoughts, ‘my                . Who is the ‘my’ in all these concepts, if not a made-up, ego version of oneself?

Pursuing special love relationships here is one of countless vain attempts we use to fill the persistent, nagging sense of lack we’ve conjured up for ourselves. Surely yes, we can have divinely Guided or ‘holy’ relationships even here. However, human, romantic or special ‘love’ relationships cannot and will not ever suffice as substitute for God’s Love, and that is all any of us are really looking for, mistakenly, in other people or in most other things we pursue. So many people suffer debilitating abandonment issues, endlessly pursuing security in human relationships without ever realizing it’s actually a deep, intense unconscious guilt underneath their feelings of abandonment – guilt from believing they actually turned away and abandoned not only their Creator, but their own magnificence as God’s Beloved Creation.

It’s time we expose all this hidden, suppressed guilt – look at it, acknowledge it, understand its source, its cause – so that we can accept it, forgive it, forgive ourselves, forgive everything, and finally heal, or realize that we already are healed; that none of this happened in Reality, but only in the imagination. We need not look at it alone, or do anything alone, because we have our Source with us now and always. Let us ask for help then and be comforted, for we are returning Home.

“Choosing again is all it takes to turn this whole thing around – that’s the simple, absolute beauty of it all; that is the power of Mind properly placed in the hands of Love.”

Conclusion ~ Bridging the Gap

We’ve discussed a lot here – and to quite some depth. A few points we covered a few times to help it sink in. Repetition can be useful in the ways of the mind. Eventually, all this just clicks.

Some might read this and see a dark and dismal, perhaps unfair portrayal of human life and this world. However, the tone and words used in this post can serve well to provide a necessary contrast and clarity to help people more easily discern the Light from the dark – Truth from illusion, Heaven from hell, Self from ego – such that we can be free now, simply, to choose again. Choosing again is all it takes to turn this whole thing around – that’s the simple, absolute beauty of it all; that is the power of Mind properly placed in the hands of Love. It can unwind lifetimes of error in an instant. No lifetimes of repentance doing good deeds and hard-time, but one holy instant of open-mindedness and willingness to see truly, to accept, forgive and let go.

It was a solitary, reckless choice we imagined making that got us into this illusory dichotomy of ego and Spirit, the duality it spawned, and it is another conscious, Aware choice, made now – always now – made not alone but with Love, in Spirit (inspired), that sets us free. We are free again to choose Truth, here and now, letting go of the vast multitude of illusions we once believed we had conjured up for ourselves, all of them being limits, blocks to Awareness, leading us to all but forget our Self as ‘the Beloved One’ God created.

Let us choose to remember fully now. In welcoming a full restoration of our authentic spiritual Self to Awareness, it becomes very clear how literally everything here in the physical world is upside down and backwards to what is true, Loving, spiritual and eternal. Our lives, as we misperceive “life,” are like a vast tree of effects begetting effects, all stemming from one cause, one decision – one choice for illusion that subsequently gave rise to an entire world of illusion – the seed of which was having chosen to uphold and value the thought of separation from our Source to pursue an identity of our own making, imagining ourselves to be our own author and creator. The solution, then, to all perceived problems is to expose, accept and forgive ourselves this error, now finally seen and understood, resigning as author, acknowledging what is simply, joyfully, gratefully as it is – that “I am as God created me,” forever and eternally.

Of all the ‘I Am’ statements we can imagine, verbalize and give power to within our minds, this simplest, truest form of Identity – “I Am as God created me” – naturally infused with devotion to the Thought of God, is the bridge and cure to all the illusions and all the magic-like effects we had conjured up for ourselves to suffer. Sourced in this holy thought, all thoughts that follow it too are naturally infused and based in Love. It is through this thought and those that stem from it that all the ego’s gaps and levels of mind are collapsed, restoring true Consciousness, Spirit, Love, the Unity underlying all that is, to Awareness . Thus, we are reconnected to the ever-present connection and flow of Communication that was never ours to break in the first place… thank God! We come to realize It had been there all along; that it was only we had imagined that we’d turned away. Now finally, together as One, we find our Self, the extension of our divine Source, Home again at last.

We are wise to practice vigilance now too, having seen just how powerful the mind is at delivering our desires; how upholding, valuing and pursuing a thought does indeed bring it to fruition, whether it’s in our best interests or not. We see now it had nothing whatsoever to do with “attraction” because all truly is one and unified. Rather this dream universe is one of reflection, seeing ‘out there’ as a reflection, a rich tapestry of symbols re-presenting all that we uphold in the mind.

Having risen out of a what was once a seemingly perpetual state of conflict, we now can see that the whole human experience is made up of just that – the reflection of a troubled, confused and conflicted mind; the world reflecting a constant barrage of conflicting, clashing desires made manifest, leading essentially nowhere but to more meaninglessness, until we find the clarity in all the chaos to assign meaning, finally desiring only Truth above all else, to lead us Home. And now in this wisdom we join with our Source in all perceived ‘doings’ going forward, walking in gratitude, fully respecting the awesome power that has been bestowed upon us, or shared with us, as God’s Beloved Creation.

All true creation is spiritual in nature, eternal, based in Love and bound neither to space nor time. All creation is co-Creation, or it is only make-believe; fantasy and nothing more. And we have all witnessed first-hand how make-believe can have horrific side-effects that can seem just as real as any other… simply because of who We are as the extension of God.

To feel the Love of God within you is to see the world anew, shining in innocence,
alive with hope, and blessed with perfect charity and love.
~ A Course in Miracles

You are invited to check out other related posts in this blog site dedicated wholly to You, the awake one. If this material resonates with you and you’d like to connect, feel free to comment and engage; you’re also encouraged to look into the self-study work in the book, A Course in Miracles, which includes a workbook of 365 daily lessons to help gently and organically unwind and free your mind of the grand delusion.

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  1. W-pI.8.2. The one wholly true thought one can hold about the past is that it is not here. 2 To think about it at all is therefore to think about illusions. 3 Very few have realized what is actually entailed in picturing the past or in anticipating the future. 4 The mind is actually blank when it does this, because it is not really thinking about anything.
    We’re not thinking at all…the ego keeps us mindless because we don’t claim to have a mind, for if we did we would immediately offer mind back to the Holy Spirit who gives it to God, who gives it back to the Sonship. See how that works? Most don’t.

    What have you written since 2018?

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