Deprogramming the Matrix Part I: Introduction, Background & Basics Welcome Friend, to part one of an intensive four-part series focusing on the topic of salvation, humanity’s salvation; authentic, rational, practical salvation – our natural, permanent and inevitable restoration to a profound peace and love, to a joy and a freedom that does not come only …


The Nature & Quality of Humility

the lion, symbol of strength, nobility & humility

Because the Best Things in Life ARE Free All too often blurred and confused with the word humiliation, mistaken as groveling in some form, or as being humble to a fault, most people completely misunderstand and subsequently go on to grossly undervalue the simple, natural, spiritual quality of humility. They’re missing out on a veritable limitless treasure trove of inner peace, ease, …

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Who is this One Gazing into the Quantum Mirror?

Consciousness and the Quantum Mirror

On Your Response Rests a World of Peace or Conflict What do you see today when you look in a mirror? And what do you see when you look out upon your world, which really is just another form of mirror? Most importantly, are you willing to be vigilant, present and aware enough to see and …

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Our Natural State is Positively Light

Our Natural State - Out of Darkness, into Light

Can ‘Embracing Our Darkness’ Lead Us to Light? “If you would only let go of seeking to be this or that, your natural state reappears; the light and ease of simple beingness.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj Are you one of the many people today who find themselves going back and forth between looking for ways either to rid themselves …

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